Slap Choppin’ Our Way to Fun!

A “slap chop” is a quick and easy painting method that produces quality results in a rapid amount of time. For this particular method, the primary goal is to create gradient layers of paint from dark to light; replicating a lighting source. You can use any color you prefer, like red to blue hues. For this piece, I chose a mixture of greys.

Recently this method of painting has taken off in the Warhammer community. Some criticize this method of painting, saying it’s a form of cheating or lesser quality. In reality, it’s a more efficient way to paint larger quantities of figures in a shorter amount of time. This is beneficial for last-minute touch-ups, competitions, preparations for a game, or just as a fun and easy way to paint,

Dominion Of Sigmar: Timeworn Ruins

My Method of Slap Chop

  • I first primed my model using Citadels Chaos Black Undercoating.
  • Starting with Citadels Skavenblight Dinge, I gave a deep dry brushing to my model.
  • Next, using the Vallejo Medium Sea Grey, I highlighted my desired areas moderately using the same technique.
  • After the medium grey dried, I blended it with the Vallejo Pale Sand and gradually dry-brushed it onto my figure.
  • I then applied a layer of Vallejo Pale Sand.
  • Finally, I finished the model by dry brushing select areas with the Vallejo White, highlighting the edges of the armor.

Slap chopping is comprised of a variety of methods. After dry-brushing your model, add a wash, then finish with a white to highlight your edges. You can either leave your model as is or add a variety of contrast paints.

And there you have it! Your model is complete. Now wasn’t that easy?

The above pictures are from my D&D character, Cheddar Bay Biscuit the III. He was painting using the above technique and the new Citadel contrast paints.

For a hilarious and helpful Slap Chop tutorial check out:

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