What to Give Someone that Plays D&D?

Easy! You custom paint a new DnD character and build them a character sheet. Below is the Harengon I painted from my friend’s Christmas gift. I also included a matching pair of dice, one more figure, and his stats sheet in a gift box.


This mini pond was made from a candy tin, stucco, texture paste, rocks, corkboard, assorted grasses, and paint.

Slap Choppin’ Our Way to Fun!

A “slap chop” is a quick and easy painting method that produces quality results in a rapid amount of time. For this particular method, the primary goal is to create gradient layers of paint from dark to light; replicating a lighting source. You can use any color you prefer, like red to blue hues. For…

How to Save Your Brushes

Over time, paintbrushes succumb to fraying due to paint seeping into the heel of the brush. Reshaping your brushes is an easy process that takes minimal supplies and can save you a lot of money. So stop discarding your mangled brushes and get to cleaning! You will need the following: Start by filling a cup…