The Lost God

My first commissioned cover art for a newly written Dungeons & Dragons Mod. The Lost God premiers Memorial Weekend, 2023. The link to purchase the mod will be released here shortly after.

How to Save Your Brushes

Over time, paintbrushes succumb to fraying due to paint seeping into the heel of the brush. Reshaping your brushes is an easy process that takes minimal supplies and can save you a lot of money. So stop discarding your mangled brushes and get to cleaning! You will need the following: Start by filling a cup…

“Hard days are the best because that’s when Champions are made.” -Gabby Douglas

Winning. Coded from birth, our instinct motivation compels us to achieve. “Wanting a reward is closely tied with the activity of mesolimbic dopaminergic neurons, particularly within the ventral striatum and ventromedial prefrontal cortex”-Berkman, 2018. Why is this important? When you win, your brain rewards you with dopamine. Using the dopaminergic reward system, your brain then…

Bubblegum’s Tenacious Journey Comes To An End

As Bubblegum makes its first debut into the world of Warhammer, a sense of what only a parent could describe as pride overwhelms my feelings of fear; for this was only the 5th model conceived in the world of competitive painting. After Bubblegum won 1st at the local Games Workshop store, it was time to…

Snails, The Original Meme

By: Cortney Navarchi Commonly found in the blank spaces of the 13th and 14th-century English texts, brave knights yielding their strongest armor, with faces filled with fright, challenge a meager mollusk to battle. Despite the knight’s fiercest armor, the simple snail dominates the match and reigns victorious over the knight. Cowering, the knight prays to…


Salut! For those who’ve decided: Welcome, fellow Psychology majors and enthusiasts! I am currently working as a Behavioral Interventionist and a Clinical Assistant while obtaining my master’s in special education from Montana State University. I have a passion for neuroscience, the behavioral aspect of psychology, and research. I recently created this blog/webpage to occupy what…

What to Give Someone that Plays D&D?

Easy! You custom paint a new DnD character and build them a character sheet. Below is the Harengon I painted from my friend’s Christmas gift. I also included a matching pair of dice, one more figure, and his stats sheet in a gift box.


This mini pond was made from a candy tin, stucco, texture paste, rocks, corkboard, assorted grasses, and paint.

Bananas for Bananas

Recent artwork by yours truly. Inspired by my infatuation and constant need for bananas and chunky peanut butter.

It Starts With a Cup of Coffee

It started with a cup of coffee Gestures of kindness can be exponential in times of crisis. As we see a rise in depression, many individuals will not seek assistance and suffer in silence. It takes one person to make a difference, and to someone fighting to mentally stay afloat, may find small acts of…