Bubblegum’s Tenacious Journey Comes To An End

Myphitic Blight-hauler
First Place. Games Workshop, Manhattan Beach, CA.

As Bubblegum makes its first debut into the world of Warhammer, a sense of what only a parent could describe as pride overwhelms my feelings of fear; for this was only the 5th model conceived in the world of competitive painting.

Myphitic Blight-hauler
1st Place & Judges Choice. Orcon, 2022

After Bubblegum won 1st at the local Games Workshop store, it was time to test my skills at Strategicon.

Just as Bubblegum was ready to retire, we took the judge’s comments to heart and did an overhaul in 3 days. Time to enter the 1st ever Rusty Nurgling!

3rd Placed! There were stunning models there that had us shaking, but I couldn’t be prouder! Now time to send Bubblegum home for a much-needed rest. Till next time ❤

Rusty Nurgling
Games Workshop, Monrovia, CA. 2022

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