First You Have to Crawl

2nd Place, Squid. Orcon, 2022

With practice and dedication, great achievements can be made. Being new to miniature painting, I had to learn to crawl before I could walk. I fell in love with the art from the moment I played my first Dungeons & Dragons game and immediately found a way to use my prior knowledge of acrylic painting to compose my first competitive piece (squid).

The squid took a total of one month to paint and until the day of the competition to finish. I drew inspiration from my paint-pouring art and laid a foundation of marbled colors. I used stippling to add texture and glazed it to give the appearance of water.

When you’re focused on winning, it’s easy to get lost in the competitive spirit. My first lesson was to have fun and not to worry about placing.

First Place. Games Workshop, Manhattan Beach, CA. 2022

My second competition piece was for my local Warhammer store in April 2022. Recognize the theme? I hope you do; I themed it from the movie Aliens (Though the initial theme was Easter)!

Lesson: Most glue will eat through Styrofoam!

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